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Saskatchewan Open Regina
October 21-22 2017
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 September 24 2017
1. Karsten Larsen 1.Becky Arndt

Four of the best at AGM

Four Team Saskatchewan stars took all the marbles at the 2017 AGM tournament in North Battleford September 9.

Steve Kristjansson defeated Jason Skinner in the men's final and then partnered with him to win the doubles event. They're pictured right. In women's play, Bonnie Lapierre and Elaine Walker (far right) took first in doubles, then they both made the women's singles final. Bonnie repeated her win from 2016, when the same pair also won the doubles.

Order restored

At the Annual General Meeting, it was announced officially that the 2019 Nationals will be held in Saskatoon! Congratulations to that city, who will welcome the nation's darts teams in June of that year. Now the hard work of the executive and Saskatoon zone begins. President Elaine Walker asked for volunteers to help out with the big event.

During the meeting, 42 members heard reports from executive officers. Georgina Ratt was recognized in her absence for her achievement in making the World Cup team. Later a discussion was held, yet again, on that old chestnut the format for Provincial Championships.

The association asked for bids from zones to host the 2018 Youth Provincials, which are usually held the third week of February.

 The SDA thanks North Battleford zone and the Legion for hosting this event.

Georgina off to World Cup 


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2017 provincial champion Georgina Ratt of Stanley Mission has won a spot on the NDFC Canadian World Cup team and will be heading to Japan for the World Cup. Congratulations to her!

Georgina is pictured right after hitting the winning double. Team members are Patricia Farrell (NL), Kim Bellay-Rousselle (BC), Diane Gobiel (QC), Jeff Smith (NB), Kiley Edmunds (NS), Terry Forgere (NB) and Nick Smith (NS).

Full results from NDFC Nationals are posted at the NDFC web site.

Team Sask picture from Saint John

Official photo from NDFC Adult Nationals June 12. Back row L-R: Chester Sakebow, Myles Charles, Curt Gamble, Jim Dennis, Karsten Larsen, Ashtin Bear, Steve Kristjansson, Jason Skinner. Front row: Bev Roth (SDA), Randi Friess, Elaine Walker, Stacey Stephanson, Georgina Ratt, Aspen Hall, Gloria Morrison, Carol Shepherd, Becky Arndt.

 Youth team plays Nationals

2017 official Youth team picture taken May 16

Back Row L-R: Josh Grenier, Dan Arndt (coach) Saul Arndt, David Pelly, Jack Grassing (coach), Cameron Wheeler.

Front row: Mel December (coach), Shaukeena McKay, Rianna December, Savanah Solomon, Shauna Grassing (SDA).


The NDFC Youth Nationals took place in Saint John, New Brunswick May 16-19. With a report here's Shauna Grassing:

"The Canadian Youth Nationals is finished for the year. The New Brunswick Dart Association were terrific hosts, the venue was wonderful and the hotel was only steps away. And throughout the four days of play, our team's darts were only wires away. 

Our lack of trophies certainly does not reflect the way the youth played. Luck of the draws played a big part, having to play in a preliminary round in both the Nodor Cup and Mixed Doubles.

Saul Arndt struggled during the course of the tournament. His elbow injury played a huge factor.  His pain was evident to me as I watched him play but like a true sportsman, he never complained or used his injury as an excuse. Hopefully after some rest we will see him back on track.

Rianna December played very well and she, Savanah Solomon and Saul all finished in joint fifth in the singles events. Rianna, currently ranked 14th by the WDF, also played in the World Masters and World Cup qualifiers. The NDFC is still not certain whether a team will be sent to Japan for the World Cup but the youth directors felt it was important to hold the qualifier.

For our other players, Josh Grenier, David Pelly, Cam Wheeler and Shaukeena McKay, the Nationals was an invaluable experience.

The team finished seventh overall in the Canada Cup and I am proud of our players for their sportsmanship and their efforts.

We were lucky enough to be in Saint John for Loyalist Day. There was a 21-gun salute, free entrance to the museum and Loyalist House and a fireworks display in the evening.

 I would like to thank my coaches: Dan Arndt, Mel December and Jack Grassing. I would also like to thank Brad December and Becky Arndt for their support." - Shauna Grassing, SDA Youth Director

2017 team L-R David Pelly, Cameron Wheeler, Savanah Solomon, Rianna December, Saul Arndt, Shaukeena McKay, Josh Grenier.

Saul Arndt had the honour of carrying the Canadian flag at the opening ceremony, accompanied by Taylor Probert of Nova Scotia

Rianna tops junior girls at Silver Cup

Rianna December of Saskatoon took first place in the junior girls' event at the Silver Cup Challenge held in Medicine Hat April 28-30.

Rianna, second right, is pictured celebrating with the other winners Courtney Kane, Jayden Chiasson and Roan Herbert. The SDA sent our youth team to the tournament as a warm-up for their Nationals trip later this month. With a report from the tournament, here's SDA Youth Director Shauna Grassing:

"Eight youth players and four chaperones travelled to Medicine Hat for the Silver Cup Challenge youth tournament.

"It was a great team-building weekend. Dan and Becky Arndt, Shawn Solomon and I chaperoned the crew. Unfortunately Josh Grenier was not able to attend.

"Our Saskatchewan players exhibited great sportsmanship of which we should all be proud. We have taught them well. There were a number of personal best finishes and even some cash prizes. The youth threw some amazing darts. We are proud of every one of them. On Friday evening the adults joined in the fun for a blind draw. Saturday was draw doubles for boys and girls, as well as the World Dart Federation Singles event. On Sunday, singles were played in each age division.

"Rianna December finished first in the girls WDF event and first in the Junior Girls Singles event! Way to go Rianna. We also had a few second place finishes and many joint 3rds in the other events. " - Shauna Grassing

The youth team is pictured above. Back row L-R:Dillon Dumont (alt), Saul Arndt, Jaymes Swenson (alt), David Pelly, Cameron Wheeler. Front Row: Savanah Solomon, Rianna December, Shaukeena McKay. The team sent us this message: "We would like to thank the SDA for the opportunity to travel to Medicine Hat as part of our training for nationals. We would also like to thank Bill Hatter and crew for putting on a great shoot."

NDFC Youth Nationals start May 16 in Saint John, New Brunswick. Let's wish our team all the best! You can get all the results here as soon as they come in.  

Provincial Championships 2017

Ashtin Bear of Prince Albert and Georgina Ratt of Stanley Mission are your 2017 Provincial Champions! Congratulations to them both!

Provincials were held in Regina April 7-9. In the men's event, Ashtin Bear repeated his win from last year. Having finished second on Day 1 to Jason Skinner of Battleford, Ashtin made sure of his title by dominating the field completely for the final two days. He defeated Jason in the final on day two and eventual runner-up Steve Kristjansson of Saskatoon in the Day 3 final.

Men's winners 2017: L-R John Brann, Myles Charles, Chester Sakebow, Curt Gamble, Jim Dennis, Karsten Larsen, Jason Skinner, Steve Kristjansson, Ashtin Bear

Women's champ Georgina Ratt was equally impressive, winning two of three finals. Days 1 and 2 she split 1-1 with runner-up Cathy Kerrigan of Saskatoon and then defeated Becky Arndt of Regina in the Day 3 final.

Women's winners 2017: L-R Randi Friess, Stacey Stephanson, Elaine Walker, Gloria Morrison, Carol Shepherd, Becky Arndt, Aspen Hall, Cathy Kerrigan, Georgina Ratt.

A total of 40 men and 19 women competed for the Provincial trophies this year.

The team has lots of experience, and the rookie is Gloria Morrison. Here are the team reps for NDFC Nationals in Saint John, NB in June:

1. Ashtin Bear Prince Albert 1. Georgina Ratt Stanley Mission
2. Steve Kristjansson Saskatoon 2. Cathy Kerrigan Saskatoon
3. Jason Skinner Battleford 3. Aspen Hall Mortlach
4. Karsten Larsen Saskatoon 4. Becky Arndt Regina
5. Jim Dennis Regina 5. Carol Shepherd Moose Jaw
6. Curt Gamble Moose Jaw 6. Gloria Morrison Rosetown
7. Myles Charles Stanley Mission 7. Elaine Walker Saskatoon
8. Chester Sakebow Chitek Lake 8. Stacey Stephanson Saskaoon
Alt. John Brann Regina Alt. Randi Friess Nipawin

You can see the full results here Men Women

Steady as she goes

In SDA elections, Elaine Walker was elected unopposed to her position as President for another two years. Judy Cleaveley remains as Secretary and Brian Humphreys as 2nd Vice-president, both for two-year terms, also by acclamation. Congratulations to them all!

Main Event sees biggest turnout in 15 years

The province's biggest tournament just gets more popular every year. The Saskatoon shoot, held March 31-April 2, drew 71 men and 32 women players, which is the highest figure at any Saskatchewan darts tournament since 2002 (Main Event).

Some of the NDFC's top stars came out for the BDO-ranked men's and women's singles events.

Canada's number-two-ranked Dave Cameron of Nova Scotia took the $1,000 first prize in men's, while number-seven-ranked Kim Bellay-Rousselle of BC collected a cool $500 for her win in women's.

Dave and runner-up Shaun Burt of Alberta are pictured left. That's Kim and fellow finalist Crystal Chiasson, also Alberta, to the right. 

The top Saskatchewan finishers were Steve Kristjansson of Saskatoon, joint third in men's, and Cathy Kerrigan, also Saskatoon, who partnered with Bellay-Rousselle to win women's doubles. Cathy and Kim are seen on the left.

Men's doubles went to Burt and his partner, fellow Albertan Paul Chaytor. In the mixed event, Cameron teamed up with Anna Fagan of New Brunswick to take first place.

Blind draw was won by Cameron and Saskatoon youth player Rianna December, pictured right. 

Lots of local players as well as some new faces from around the province showed up to make it a great event. A total of $9,580 in prize money was paid out, topping last year's total. Thanks go to SUDO organizers Elaine Walker and her team of volunteers for a smooth operation. See the full results 

Tournament Notes

Did you know? The 2018 NDFC Nationals will be held in Quebec.

Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute news of any announcements or changes to tourney dates.

 Maximum Exposure

This is the tally of all maximum 180s and 171s recorded by SDA players at tournaments this season.

Congratulations to our top maximum hitters Jason Skinner and Bonnie Lapierre. The total number of maximums hit was 256.

Well done to everyone who hit a 180 for the first time in competition - the first of many!

36 Jason Skinner 3 Bonnie Lapierre
24 Steve Kristjansson 2 Becky Arndt
18 Eric Matheson 2 Aspen Hall
17 Ashtin Bear 2 Gloria Morrison
17 Karsten Larsen   Judy Cleaveley
15 Austin Morrison   Carol Shepherd
10 Chester Sakebow   Stacey Stephanson
7 Wayne Hudson   Melanie Thomas
6 Dan Arndt    
6 Saul Arndt    
6 John Brann    
6 Jim Dennis    
5 Curt Gamble    
5 Klyne Obey   Laren Ball
5 Brett Wells   Bob Bensen
4 Brian Humphreys   Jeff Berner
4 Bobby Magalong   Sean Brimacombe
 4 Phil Roberts Perry Burton
3 Brad December   Myles Charles
3 Jesee Gamble   Ken Friesen 
3 Shawn Solomon   Jack Grassing
3 Greg Vass   Hunch Gray
2 Cliff Culbert   Nick Hall
2 Eric Fernandes   Rick Hanson
 2 Bill Lobb   Kevin Lukenoff 
 2 Dave Propp   Iain Mackay
 2 Darrin Rekve    Jamie Perrett
2 BJ Rigby   Peter Power
2 Sean Shea   Marcus Stephanson
 2 Rod Swenson   James Waldbillig 
 2 Larry Unrau    Voneric Yapo

Records on this site date back to the 2000-1 season. If you have earlier records and archives in your possession, please contact the SDA

© 2017 Saskatchewan Darts Association

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