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September 17, 2014

1.Karsten Larsen

1. Judy Cleaveley

Saskatoon zone holding youth darts Bingo

Eyes down for a look in! Saskatoon United Darts is having a $500 online bingo for their Youth Darts League.

Bingo cards are available from darts leagues and other organizers in Saskatoon for $2 each or three for $5. For info on how to get tickets call zone director Elaine Walker (306-651-0481), who now explains how it all works:

"We will be playing for 'Blackout'. Forty-five numbers will be drawn on October 5, 2014 and then one number per day until won. These numbers can be found at the SUDO web page.

"If you get a blackout in 52 numbers or less you will win $500. If it is not won in 52 numbers we will then play for two full cards. The first full card will pay $300 and the second full card $200. If there is more than one winner the prizes will be split.

"You have 7 days to claim your prize from the day that your last number is drawn. The BINGO caller will keep drawing numbers until all prizes have been claimed. The bingo caller's phone number is on the SUDO BINGO page."

The Saskatoon Youth league is run by Eva Schellenberg on Saturday mornings at the Army and Navy club. All youth players are welcome to join! Players aged under 19, you can contact Eva at this E-mail.

Riders football pool off to good start

The 2014 SDA Riders football pool is up and running again. Tickets are on sale now, available from your zone rep. Twenty dollars buys you a draw in every game of the Riders season, and winners will be paid back to the start of the season.

Prizes range from $50 for a matched quarter score to $500 for the final score of the Grey Cup, and many more in between. More winners are being announced weekly on this page, where you'll also find the Riders results. There's another link at the top of this home page.

Good luck to all who enter and Go Riders!

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Team SK stars Eric and Georgina move to strike at AGM

Eric Matheson of Saskatoon (Team Sask '14) made it two for two at the Davidson AGM tournament September 6, winning the singles title for the first time and taking the doubles event with his partner Jim Dennis. Thirty-nine men entered the singles.

Pictured left are Eric (L) and men's singles runner-up Deon Grandy of Suffield, AB, both a little worse for wear after a gruelling final that went 4-3.

Eric says the secret of his success is easy to explain. "It's the new boots." Very comfortable they look too. Pictured right, Eric shows off the footwear that "feels like floating on air." Eric's win moves him up to second place in the latest SDA rankings.

Double celebration for Georgina

Georgina Ratt of Stanley Mission (Team Sask '00, '01, '02, '03, '05, '07, '08, '11, '13) won the singles at Davidson, defeating Bonnie Lapierre of Regina in the final to regain the title she last won in 2009.

This year's win came on the anniversary of her wedding to husband Arthur, who was celebrating with a few wins of his own in the men's events. Congratulations to them both!

Doubles winners were Judy Cleaveley and Lowine Binkley from Hudson Bay.

See the full results.


Provincial Championships 2015 - Creighton, Saskatchewan

Some of us might need to break out the old grid map to find the Provincials this season, but we're assured of a warm welcome when we get there!

President Pat Copeman announced at the AGM that the North East zone, headed by Brian Humphreys, will be hosting the SDA's showpiece event.

Creighton is a border town located very near to Flin Flon, MB. A few facts: It's as far as you can travel on an STC bus. It has a population of 1,500. And the mayor of Creighton, Mr. Bruce Fidler, is a darts player! That certainly bodes well. Congratulations to the zone and let's make it a Provincials to remember! 

Provincials format to change in 2016

A little piece of Saskatchewan darts history was made by league player Darrin Rekve at this AGM, for it was he who proposed the motion to change the format of SDA Provincials starting in 2016 at Saskatoon.

Following a presentation by Brian Humphreys, on behalf of a committee that was struck one year ago with the task of exploring new options for our Championship event, members voted to go ahead with its recommendation to adopt a round-robin-to-double-knockout system.

Prov. '15 >>>




Players may remember that the issue of the format for Provincials has long divided the membership and over the years there has been much discussion on how to proceed with the issue, if at all. A similar move to change format was narrowly defeated by player vote in early 2011.

SDA Vice-president Wayne Hudson says he was pleased to see that those divisions are a thing of the past and that members embraced the progressive new format. The newly re-appointed Tournament Director also says that the more complex double knockout is going to be "challenging but fun" to organize in 2016.

There was overwhelming support for the new idea among the 56 members present at the AGM. The current round-robin format will be used for the last time at Creighton in 2015.

Fundraising always on the agenda

As in any sport, raising money to pay for teams to travel to Nationals as well as youth initiatives and other expenses is always a necessity and the SDA is looking for more input in this area.

An SDA Fundraising Committee will entertain new and innovative fundraising ideas from all members, and even find ways to bring back some old ones. Eyes down for some bingo, anyone?

Get your thinking cap on and send us either province-wide or local ideas that will bring in some extra of the folding stuff to support the endeavours of our non-profit Association. The committee members are SDA Vice-president Wayne Hudson, Saskatoon darts supremo Elaine Walker and Moose Jaw darts dynamo Carol Shepherd. You can look them up on our contact list.

Our major fundraiser for the past few years has been the Roughriders pool, which carries on apace and will continue to be popular for years to come with any luck. Don't forget to buy your ticket!

Respect in Sport

The SDA has incorporated the Respect in Sport program into its policy manual. All coaches will have to complete training for recognizing important issues such as bullying, harassment and abuse in sport.

We believe in a safer, healthier and more positive environment for our athletes.

Respect in Sport is an initiative of SaskSport Inc., a major sponsor of darts.

Pat on the back

SDA President Pat Copeman and the rest of the SDA executive would like to thank Dave Lapierre for the barbecue, Frank Zimmer for bartending, and the many volunteers who stayed late to put away the porta-board units. You all helped make the AGM tournament a success. WH


Nationals roundup

The 2014 NDFC Adult National Championships took place in Halifax. With a report from Nationals, here's SDA President Pat Copeman:

"The Nationals started on Tuesday June 10 with the Men's and Ladies' Doubles events. Unfortunately we had only one Doubles team advance to the knockout round - Cathy Kerrigan and Bonnie Lapierre achieved a joint 5th finish in this event.

"On Wednesday the Men's and Ladies' Singles events took place. Again it was our women who advanced to the knockout round. Cathy Kerrigan and Joan Hodgen finished joint 17th and Bonnie Lapierre finished in the joint 9th position.

Team Saskatchewan are pictured in the official team photo taken June 10:

Back row (L-R): Cathy Kerrigan, Danny Mckenzie, Jim Dennis, John Brann, Karsten Larsen, Ken Friesen, Alex Parnitsky, Eric Matheson, Curt Gamble, Dorothy Zimmer (alt). Front row (L-R): Pat Copeman (SDA President), Judy Cleaveley, Aspen Cleaveley, Bonnie Lapierre, Stacey Saccucci, Carol Shepherd, Joan Hodgen, Sherry Hingtgen.

"On Thursday the Mixed Doubles event was played. Cathy Kerrigan and Danny McKenzie were eliminated in a playoff.

"Friday was the Nodor Cup event. Our Ladies' team (pictured) got joint 3rd in this event.

"While the team remained in 8th spot in the Canada Cup standings we did increase our point count by 17 points. I look forward to a further increase in total points for next year." - Pat Copeman

Thanks Pat and well done to all our competitors!

In other results, Cathy Kerrigan partnered up with Mandy Fleck of B.C. to win the ladies' doubles at the Canadian Open. Nice job! That's Mandy and Cathy on the right.

In the pre-tournament East Coast Open, Jim Dennis reached the final, finishing second to Dave Cameron of Nova Scotia. They're pictured left. Carol Shepherd came joint ninth in the ladies' event.

Full results from Nationals are posted here by the NDFC.

Saskatchewan youth Ashtin Bear wins National championship

Ashtin Bear of Prince Albert won the NDFC National Senior Boys' championship in Halifax May 17, defeating Dawson Murschell of Alberta in the final 3-1. Ashtin, pictured right, took out a 72 finish to win the gold. After his victory he said "I can't believe I won," later saying that it is "a dream come true." What better way to end his final year as a youth player! Congratulations Ashtin!

Dakota Roberts, also from Prince Albert, came second in senior girls, losing to Raina Burke of Newfoundland in the final 3-2. The match went down to the final double.

A day earlier, Dakota and her partner Randi Friess finished second in senior girls' doubles, then on Day 3, Ashtin and Dakota teamed up to finish second in mixed doubles, bringing Dakota her third silver and the team's total medal count to a gold, three silvers and a bronze.

More on this story in our Youth section

Danny makes a comeback, Cathy tops women

Danny Mckenzie of Stanley Mission has regained the title of men's provincial champion, having won it six times before, most recently in 2008. Danny is pictured left. Women's champ at her first attempt is Cathy Kerrigan of Saskatoon (right). Congratulations to both of them!

After three long days of competition in Saskatoon April 11-13, Team Sask 2014 was decided for the NDFC Nationals in Nova Scotia.


1 Danny Mckenzie Stanley Mission 1 Cathy Kerrigan Saskatoon
2 Jim Dennis Regina 2 Bonnie Lapierre Regina
3 Karsten Larsen Saskatoon 3 Joan Hodgen Midale
4 Ken Friesen Saskatoon 4 Stacey Saccucci Saskatoon
5 John Brann Regina  5 Judy Cleaveley Hudson Bay
6 Eric Matheson Saskatoon 6 Sherry Hingtgen Regina
7 Curt Gamble Moose Jaw 7 Carol Shepherd Moose Jaw
8 Alex Parnitsky Saskatoon 8 Aspen Cleaveley Saskatoon
Alt James Walter Hudson Bay Alt Dorothy Zimmer Regina

Four other newcomers in the team are Stacey, Eric, Aspen and Alex. See the full results for Men Women.

Hot zone

This year's Zone Cup is awarded to Moose Jaw, who recorded a 56.8% win rate. Regina were second with 52.7%, followed by North Battleford (52.2%), Stanley Mission (50.2%), Saskatoon (46.6%), West Central (45.1%) and Nipawin (43.4%).

Election of board members

The executive has two new members and two returning. New Financial Director Bev Roth and First Vice-president Wayne Hudson were elected, Member-at-Large Shauna Grassing was re-elected to her position, and Trish Gray retains the post of Youth Director by acclamation. Let's wish them all the best for their two-year terms.

A sport for the ages

A reminder that darts is truly a universal sport - contestants in our adult provincials ranged from 19 to 82 years of age.

(L-R) Cliff Culbert (Hodgeville), Finn Petersen (Saskatoon), Moff Kay (Kindersley) and Earl Stirling-Brown (Nipawin) competed in the three-day event. Looking good fellas! The combined score in years of these gentlemen is an amazing 295. For the record our senior shooter is Finn. WH
Photos courtesy Cathy Kerrigan, Facebook.


Tournament notes

The North Battleford and Lloydminster shoots this fall have traded places - on the schedule, that is. Darts on the Border at Lloydminster will now be on October 3-4 (see a poster), while the N.B. Oktobershoot is a misnomer this year with the shoot being held November 8 (see a poster).

The 2015 NDFC Nationals will be held in St. Catherine's, Ontario. In 2016 they head west to Richmond, B.C.

Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute news of any announcements or changes to tourney dates.

The return of ...

 Maximum Exposure   "180 !"


This is a record of all 180s and 171s scored at SDA-ranked tournaments by our members. Congratulations to the winners and to the first-time maximum scorers! The first of many!

Final Maximum Exposure list May 2014

For a listing of maximums thrown in the 2012-13 season, click here.

Records on this site date back only as far as the 2000-1 season. If you have earlier records and archives in your possession, please contact the SDA

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