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1. Steve Kristjansson
1. Judy Cleaveley

Steve tops Sask Open 

Steve Kristjansson of Saskatoon was on good form as Regina zone hosted the Saskatchewan Open October 14-15.

Steve won men's singles over NDFC star Dean Corlett of Manitoba, then teamed up with Karsten Larsen of Saskatoon to win doubles over Corlett and his partner Ron Looker. Steve is pictured left.

Women's winner is Lisa Boyer of Manitoba, who defeated Kim Bellay-Rousselle of BC in the final.  

Saskatchewan's Bonnie Lapierre and Joan Hodgen took the women's doubles title with the win over youth players Savanah Solomon and Rianna December.

At a mixed doubles event on the Friday evening, Reginan pair Becky Arndt and Saul Arndt (pictured right) took top spot with a victory over Bonnie Lapierre and Jim Dennis.

You can see full results from the Sask Open here. Steve's performance moves him to the top of the SDA ranking list

Rosetown to hold Fall Fun Shoot

West Central zone hosts the perennial favourite this weekend in Rosetown.

October 29 is the date, Rosetown Legion is the place. See a poster here. 


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Bobby wins first at Border 

Bobby Magalong of Saskatoon threw some very nice darts on the way to his first SDA tournament win at the Darts on the Border shoot in Lloydminster October 1.

He defeated Reginan youth phenom Saul "The Show" Arndt in the final, with finishes of 114, 102 and 80 to seal the deal.

Saul and Bobby are pictured right.

Over in the women's section it was Becky Arndt who came out on top with the win over Melanie Thomas. Becky and Melanie are in the pic to the left.

Men's doubles champs are Karsten Larsen and Steve Kristjansson of Saskatoon, pictured right. They overcame Saul Arndt and Chester Sakebow in the final. 

Blind draw winners are Steve Kristjansson and Steadman Regular. 

Kudos to Iain and Lori Mackay of Lloydminster zone for organizing the tournament and to Royal Canadian Legion Branch #39 for sponsoring the event to the tune of $1,000.

You can see full results from Lloydminster here.

AGM elects Elaine Walker interim SDA president

Our Association has a familiar face taking over as interim president. Elaine Walker was elected by acclamation at the 2016 AGM in Regina September 10 and will serve until the end of the 2016-17 season, when she is expected to run again for the 2017-19 term.

Other executive members took up new positions, including Shauna Grassing as Youth Director and Shawn Solomon as Member-at-Large.

The 43 members present observed a minute's silence for the passing of members and loved ones including sitting president and great friend of Canadian darts Pat Copeman.

Warm congratulations were offered to youth player Saul Arndt for winning the America's Cup youth title in Barbados earlier this summer. Saul will now go on to represent Canada at the World Masters in England. Let's all wish him the best!

A darts tournament was also played at the Eagles Club, the AGM's new venue for this year. Steve Kristjansson of Saskatoon won in men's with a victory over Karsten Larsen. Women's singles goes to Bonnie Lapierre of Regina, who defeated Elaine Walker in the final. We've lost track of how many times Bonnie has won the AGM. Suffice it to say it's easier to count the times when she didn't win it! Way to go Hammer!

Men's doubles winners are Saul Arndt and his partner Eric Matheson, who defeated Shawn Solomon and Cliff Culbert in the final. Eric got a mention during the meeting for having broken the record for the number of 180s hit in one season. Eric hit the maximum 60 times in 2015-16.

Women's doubles winners were no prizes for guessing Bonnie Lapierre and Elaine Walker. Judy Cleaveley and Aspen Hall were runners up.

See the full results from the AGM.

Riders 2016 football pool tickets for sale

The 2016 Riders football fundraiser is your chance to raise money for our association, win prizes, and watch the Riders all at the same time!

Tickets are $20 for the whole CFL season, with one draw in each regular season game as well as the playoffs and Grey Cup Final. Tickets can be bought at any time during the season and prizes will be back paid.

You can see the scores and a list of winners here. See your zone director to buy tickets and also if you want to become a ticket seller. And Go Riders!

Pat Copeman

The darts community in Saskatchewan is reeling from the news of the passing of our president, coach, team-mate, mentor and friend Pat Copeman, peacefully at home in Regina on July 25. We would like to express our condolences to her husband Howard, children Donna and Darren (Kim) and grandchildren Aaron and Bailey.

Pat was involved in Saskatchewan darts at every level since the earliest days of the SDA in the 1980s. She represented our province at NDFC Nationals as a player in 1990, ‘92, ‘97, ‘99 and 2004. When she stopped throwing competitively, Pat embraced the role of coach and executive, representing us at Nationals as coach or provincial director in 2008, ‘09, ‘10, ‘12 and ‘13 then as SDA President in 2014, ‘15 and ‘16, and was well known at the national level. Pat was also an inspiration to youth players and attended NDFC Youth Nationals with the Saskatchewan team in 2015 and 2016.
                                                                          * * *

Pat’s long-time friend Judy Seidler took the time to share some of her memories:

"Mom, Grandma, Ms. President, or just Pat – no matter what you called her, we lost a good one on July 25, 2016.

Pat was a dedicated dart enthusiast, either as a player or as an administrator and had been involved in darts for about 35 to 40 years. She originally started playing at the Vets in Regina in the Ladies League. I first got to know her when she entered some of the small tournaments that I used to run at the Legion. One of my first memories of her was when Pat and two other women came over with these silly smurf tee-shirts on and called themselves the Smurfettes. We had a lot of giggles about that years later. Pat and I would travel to all of the SDA tournaments either with Carol Shepherd, or Carl Mercer and Jack Giesinger or just us. We were going to Nipawin one year and hit a storm. Instead of turning back, we rolled down both windows and followed the lines that way with our heads stuck out of the windows.

As time went on, the three of us, Pat, Carol and myself, became inseparable, as everyone pretty much knows. I think one of Pat's proudest moments in darts was when the three of us were inducted into the Golden Harvest Hall of Fame as the Three Amigos.

The memories for me are immense and I can't even begin to start on everything. So many years of laughs and giggles. (Pat and I are pictured right at the 1992 Nationals).

Pat loved the admin side of darts but was starting to get a little tired so she was thinking of taking a break at the next election.

Pat, you will be missed hugely by the dart family in Saskatchewan and across Canada in every province.

I, myself will miss you a lot even though I no longer play. Be at peace and God's Speed.

- Judy Seidler, former SDA President (2007-09) and Team Sask player 13 times (1984-2005).

Pat’s close friend and playing partner for more than 20 years, Carol Shepherd, is, like many of us, still in shock. She says that Pat was not unwell and was very active. “She was like a sister to me,” says Carol, pictured left. They had been roomies at countless darts tournaments and Nationals trips. “Pat was always coaching,” she says.

Pat had retired from a career as a registered nurse and was a volunteer for the RCMP among other activities. An obituary appeared in the Regina Leader-Post.

Pat was elected President of the SDA in 2011, having served on the executive for several years as Secretary. Here at the SDA executive, we will try to continue on with the business of darts without Pat at the helm, but it will be very tough to do so and on behalf of all our players and all of those who knew Pat, we’d like to say that darts in Saskatchewan will never be the same. Thanks for everything, Mom.

Bruce Church

We would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Bruce Church, who passed away in July.

Bruce was a long-time member of the SDA who played out of Regina and represented his province at Nationals in 1987, '88 and '92.

Saskatchewan ninth at Nationals

Team Saskatchewan pictured at Richmond, B.C. June 14 2016. Back row L-R: Karsten Larsen, Ashtin Bear, Steve Kristjansson, Eric Matheson, Danny Mckenzie, Jason Skinner, John Brann, Aaron Hamilton. Front row, L-R: Pat Copeman (SDA President), Dakota Roberts, Sharon Acker, Bonnie Lapierre, Elaine Walker, Carol Shepherd, Stacey Stephanson, Laurie Unger, Randi Friess

Team Sask finished up in ninth place overall in the Canada Cup standings at the 2016 NDFC Adult Nationals.

Some of our players had a good run in the round robin sections, including Bonnie Lapierre who advanced to the first round. A couple of our teams were in 4th-place playoffs, but it was not meant to be our year.

Nationals were played June 14-17. The winning province this year is Nova Scotia.

Ashtin Bear fifth at Canadian Open

Provincial Champion Ashtin Bear of Prince Albert wowed the crowd at the Canadian Open in Richmond BC on June 18 as he played to a respectable joint fifth place.

Ashtin was knocked out in a seven-leg thriller by John Norman of Newfoundland and Labrador. The eventual winner was Kiley Edmonds of Nova Scotia. Women's champ is Karrah Boutilier, also Nova Scotia. A nice run by Ashtin and now Nationals is over, our players get a well-deserved summer break. 

Full results from Nationals and the Canadian Open will be posted on the NDFC web page.

Saskatchewan junior boys win national doubles

Saul Arndt (Regina) and Jaymes Swenson (Prince Albert) took it to the stage on the opening day of Youth Nationals May 20 and won the NDFC junior boys' doubles title in Richmond, BC. Great darts!

Nice haul

On May 21, Saul Arndt won the Americas Cup qualifier, entitling him to represent Canada at the U-17 level in Barbados! Update - Saul won in Barbados!

Then, on May 22, 16-year-old Saul teamed up with Rianna December of Saskatoon to make the stage and win silver in junior mixed doubles. Saul adds his two medals this year to his previous two, and that's Rianna's second medal as a junior rep. Way to go!

To round off an excellent tournament, Saul Arndt went on to win the World Masters qualifier, which earns him a place at the U-18 BDO World Masters in London, England in November. Saul, who was appearing at Nationals for the seventh time, is pictured right. A fantastic achievement by the lad from Regina!

Team SK 2016 also includes Josh Grenier, David Pelly, Lyneta Grenier, Clover Arndt and Shaukeena McKay.

Youth Team Saskatchewan pictured May 20, 2016. Back row L-R: Ken Cleaveley, Jaymes Swenson, Saul Arndt, David Pelly, Josh Grenier, Shawn Solomon (SDA Youth Director). Front Row, L-R: Judy Cleaveley, Lyneta Grenier, Clover Arndt, Rianna December, Shaukeena McKay, Pat Copeman (SDA President).

The Youth Nationals wound up Sunday evening, May 22 with the banquet and awards. Full results will be posted on the NDFC web site.

Tournament Notes

Did you know? The 2017 NDFC Nationals will be held in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute news of any announcements or changes to tourney dates.

 Maximum Exposure

This is the final tally of all maximum 180s and 171s recorded by SDA players at tournaments in the 2015-16 season.

Eric Matheson of Saskatoon has set a new record for 180s hit in a season with 60 maximums. Fantastic job! The total number of maximums hit is 395, also a new record!

Well done to everyone who hit a 180 for the first time in competition - the first of many!

60 Eric Matheson 2 Judy Cleaveley
45 Jason Skinner 2 Bonnie Lapierre
35 Ashtin Bear 2 Dakota Roberts
33 Karsten Larsen   Becky Arndt
32 Steve Kristjansson   Randi Friess
16 Curt Gamble   Cathy Kerrigan
14 Jesee Gamble   Carol Shepherd
13 John Brann   Laurie Unger
12 Danny Mckenzie    
8 Klyne Obey    
7 Myles Charles    
6 Aaron Hamilton    
6 Brian Humphreys    
6 Austin Morrison    
5 Wayne Hudson    
5 Kevin Lukenoff    
5 Darrell Nash    
4 Noel Aucoin    
4 Sean Shea    
4 Darryle Stephanson    
3 Tim Beattie    
3 Jim Dennis    
3 Grant Dye    
3 Hunch Gray    
3 Harold King    
3 Chris Morgan    
3 Alex Parnitsky    
3 Shawn Solomon    
3 Larry Unrau    
2 Sonny Audet
2 Bill Binkley    
2 Perry Burton    
2 Darrin Rekve    
2 Marcus Stephanson    
2 Rod Swenson    
2 Andy Townend    
  Dan Arndt    
  Saul Arndt    
  Pato Arrieta    
  Darren Barmby    
  Bob Bensen    
  Randy Boehm    
  Ernie Charles    
  Ken Cleaveley    
  Cliff Culbert    
  Wellesley Dashney    
  Brad December    
  Jaret Gray    
  Nick Hall    
  Rick Hanson    
  Phil Harbin    
  Iain Mackay    
  Mike McPhail    
  Gerry Rorick    
  Chester Sakebow    
  Roy Shortt    
  Earl Stirling-Brown    
  Greg Vass    
  James Walter    

Records on this site date back to the 2000-1 season. If you have earlier records and archives in your possession, please contact the SDA

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