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 February 12 2016
1. Eric Matheson
1. Judy Cleaveley

Icicle ups kitty

Organizers of the Icicle tournament in North Battleford have announced an added $1,000 in prize money from their sponsors Splish Splash Auto and Pet Wash.

The shoot is set for March 5. See a poster here

Bingo's back 

The Saskatoon zone's 2016 online bingo fundraiser has started! Forty-five numbers have been drawn out and now one a day will be drawn until someone wins!

The bingo numbers can be found here and the instructions here. There's also a link at the top of this page. Card sellers, please give printed instructions to players.

Bingo cards are available from the Saskatoon zone players and zone director Elaine Walker for $2 each or three for $5. Support your local zone qualifiers!


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Dale Scammell

Dale passed away on January 22, 2016 at the age of 68 years after a courageous battle with cancer.

Dale was a true sportsman, a quiet competitor and a good friend to all dart players. He will be truly missed by our club. We will remember him for his sportsmanship, his generosity and his quiet demeanour. He never failed to offer encouragement to our youth players, new players and female competitors.

Dale was the type of person who was genuinely happy when his opponent threw a good game and openly celebrated with the victor.

Dale participated in SDA events as well as Legion Darts. He won many provincial titles in the Legion events, in both the open and closed events. He travelled to PEI in 2007 for the Dominion Championships as part of the four-man team. The following years he chose to play in the open side as the Dominion championship was in May and he was concerned to be away from his farm in the spring. Memorial site

- Shauna Grassing, Nipawin Darts Club 

Blizzard winners

The Blizzard was held in Regina January 23. Men's singles winner is Jason Skinner, who beat Eric Matheson in the final. Men's doubles went to John Brann and Jesee Gamble.

Women's champ is Aspen Hall, taking the singles event and the doubles with her partner Judy Cleaveley. You can see full results from Regina here

Couples for Doubles

A Saskatoon darts league is holding a Sweetheart Shoot to raise money for the Camp Circle of Friends charity.

The tournament is mixed doubles (what else?) and takes place February 20. See the poster here.

New faces at Youth Classic

Young players from Hudson Bay, Nipawin, Regina and Saskatoon played in the Youth Classic tournament in Regina January 16, reports the SDA's new Youth Director Shawn Solomon, who was running his first tourney as YD.

The players got warmed up with some doubles, with most of the adults joining in, says Shawn. Then they got into the singles play in the afternoon.

Senior girls: 1st Lyneta Grenier; 2nd Savanah Solomon. Senior boys: 1st Josh Grenier. Junior girls: 1st Rianna December; 2nd Shaukeena McKay. Junior boys: 1st Saul Arndt; 2nd David Pelly; 3rd Dillon Dumont.

The participants are pictured with SDA President Pat Copeman and Shawn. No names needed - you know who you are! Great to see some new names on the list. Let's wish them all the best for Youth Provincials February 27-28.

The road to Provincials starts at Zones

Players are warming up for the preliminary round of the 2016 Adult Provincials tournament. Zone Qualifiers start during the month of February.

The SDA's ten zones can all send players to Saskatoon for the Provincials in April - but they've got to qualify first. All zone directors please send in the dates of your qualifier.

So get in the zone! Who knows where it'll take you.

See detailed information about the 2016 Provincials. There's also a link at the top of this page.

Eric, Cathy repeat at Heminger

Eric Matheson of Saskatoon became the first man to successfully defend the Al Heminger Memorial Trophy January 9, while Cathy Kerrigan, also from Saskatoon, repeated her win from last year in the women's event. They're pictured left.

Women's doubles champs are Sharon Acker and Jess Lobb of North Battleford; that's them on the right. It's Jess's first win at an SDA event! 

Men's doubles went to Jason Skinner of North Battleford and his partner Danny Mckenzie of Stanley Mission, looking happy about it below left.

Sportsmanship awards at this tournament are voted on by players. This year the awards go to Hunch Gray and Trish Gray, pictured below right. Congratulations to all the winners!

SDA Vice-president Wayne Hudson presented Ashtin Bear of Prince Albert with a cheque for $154 for winning the SDA men's 170 out pot. Ashtin had made the maximum finish at the Hudson Bay shoot in November.

Organizers Elaine Walker and Laurie Kitzul of SUDO thanked the volunteers and all the players for attending the ever-popular tournament. You can see full results here.

Toy Shoot 25 a success

The 25th Annual Charity Toy Shoot was held in Saskatoon on December 5, reports Laurie Kitzul:

"This is a mixed-doubles (one man and one woman) steel-tip dart tournament where the entry fee is toys. For 25 years, dart players have been supporting this great event that I’ve had the privilege to organize. This year we had 24 teams (48 players), and lots of non-players who brought toys as well. We did draws for various items and raised $250.00 which was donated to the Salvation Army’s Secret Santa along with all those toys.

"We ran a food drive for the Saskatoon Food Bank , collecting food donations from players and spectators. This was our fourth year incorporating the food drive and it’s here to stay!  

"First place went to Cathy Kerrigan and Alex Parnitsky, who took out Eva Schellenberg and Eric Matheson in the final. Thank you to all the participants, all our sponsors who donated gifts and prizes and the volunteers who made all of this possible. " – Laurie Kitzul 

Ashtin takes first of season; Dakota's run continues

Hudson Bay's North East Classic tournament was held November 21-22. Here's local organizer and SDA secretary Judy Cleaveley with a report:

"This year was a totally huge success. Ashtin Bear had reason to smile as he not only took the men’s singles event, he also shot a perfect 170 out, winning himself the SDA 170 out pot as well as the Hudson Bay 170 Out pot worth $800. All in all a very good weekend for Mr. Bear.

"Ken Cleaveley presented Ashtin with a cheque for $800 on behalf of the Hudson Bay Club. Ashtin is shown at the board with the darts still in place from his 170 out.

"Blind draw winners are James Walter and Eric Matheson; Men’s Doubles winners are Eric Matheson and Jason Skinner; Ladies’ Singles winner is Dakota Roberts; Mixed Triples winners are Myles Charles, Lowine Binkley & Danny McKenzie." - Judy Cleaveley

Thanks Judy. That's Dakota Roberts's third ladies' singles win of the season, and she still doesn't make the ranking list because she isn't an adult! Fellow Prince Albert star and 2014 NDFC youth champion Ashtin Bear remains at the top of the men's rankings with his win, tied on points with Eric Matheson of Saskatoon. You can see full results from Hudson Bay here.

Football pool payout $3,850

SDA President Pat Copeman has reported $3,850 in prizes paid out in the 2015 SDA Riders football pool. Thanks to everyone who entered! You can see a list of prizewinners here.

Champ on form at Battleford

Provincial men's champion Danny Mckenzie of Stanley Mission showed why he's our top player yet again at the Oktobershoot in North Battleford November 7. Danny won men's singles with a victory over first-time finalist Steve Kristjansson of Saskatoon. 

Fellow Stanley Mission star Georgina Ratt came out on top in women's singles, beating Lori Mackay of Lloydminster in the final.

Georgina and Danny are pictured right.

Three of the best

Earlier in the day a triples event was played. The top team was Dakota Roberts, Eric Matheson and Harold King.

That's the trio with brio on the left. See the full results here.


Fun in Rosetown

With a report from the Fall Fun Shoot in Rosetown, held on October 24, here's Trish Gray:

"Well our Fall Fun Shoot was another successful one.

"Sixteen teams signed up to play in the mixed doubles event. Gloria Morrison and her grandson Austin Morrison played in the final, defeating youth player Rianna December and partner Ashtin Bear.

"Unfortunately, not everyone was able to stay and join in the singles events. Fifteen men registered, with Eric Matheson winning over Ashtin Bear in the final.

"Eight ladies participated in the ladies singles event with youth player Dakota Roberts winning over Lori Mackay in the final.

"It was a perfect day for a darts shoot and we would like to thank everyone for their time and coming out to support our tournament.
" - Trish Gray

Thanks Trish!

Bonnie three-peats at Open

Bonnie Lapierre of Regina won the Sask Open for the third time in a row October 17, defeating Tracy Keel, also from Regina, in the final. Bonnie went on to win doubles with her partner Joan Hodgen of Midale, which is a repeat of last year's result. Bonnie and Joan are shown left in 2014.

In the men's event it was Shawn Burt of Alberta who won singles, having teamed up with Adrienne Veters to win mixed doubles the previous evening.

Men's doubles went to Ron Looker and Scott Sansom, who beat the Moose Jaw team of Curt Gamble and Jesee Gamble.

You can see full results from Regina here.

Rick Levasseur

We are sad to report that Rick Levasseur of Moose Jaw passed away on October 18. Rick was a competitive darts player on the SDA circuit for many years, and represented Saskatchewan at NDFC Nationals in 1980 and 1995. We offer our condolences to his family and friends.


Karsten, Judy make a run at the Border

Karsten Larsen of Saskatoon took first place at the Darts On The Border tournament in Lloydminster October 3. He defeated Eric Matheson of Saskatoon in the final. They're pictured left.

Women's champ is Judy Cleaveley of Hudson Bay, who cements her position on top of the women's rankings. She defeated Rita Larsen of Saskatoon in the final.

The finalists then joined forces to win the women's doubles. That's Rita and Judy to the right.

Men's doubles winners are Matheson and his partner Harold King of Saskatoon.

You can see full results from Lloydminster here.

Eric, Dakota make a ruling at the AGM

The Saskatchewan Darts Association's 2015 Annual General Meeting and darts tournament took place at Davidson Saturday September 12.

Eric Matheson of Saskatoon repeated his 2014 win in men's singles, defeating Perry Burton of Flin Flon in the final.

Prince Albert-based youth star Dakota Roberts, pictured left, took the win in the women's singles over Aspen Hall of Mortlach. 

Men's doubles winners are Ashtin Bear of Prince Albert and Steve Kristjansson of Saskatoon, pictured right, who beat Regina pair Shawn Solomon and Klyne Obey in the final.

Women's doubles champs are Shauna Grassing of Nipawin and Lori Mackay of Lloydminster, pictured right.

AGM passes smoothly

SDA President Pat Copeman chaired the 2015 AGM, where executives presented their reports to the 34 assembled members. The Association is financially sound; no issue of any major concern was brought up. Most pressing is the need to increase our membership numbers and get more players to come out to tournaments.

Two new executive members sat on the board: 2nd-vice-president Brian Humphreys (Flin Flon) and secretary Judy Cleaveley (Hudson Bay). Pat Copeman announced that Shawn Solomon has been named as interim youth director, taking over the position vacated by Trish Gray, who has stepped down for personal reasons.

Pat thanked all the volunteers for helping to set up the boards on Friday evening. We thank you, Pat, for providing the lunch and taking care of the bar.

Larsen hosts fun darts

In between events, Team Sask player Karsten Larsen introduced a fun-darts game, "The Weakest Link". It was an enjoyable interlude and it turns out that Ashtin Bear is the strongest link.

See full results from Davidson here. You can see how they rank here.


Tournament Notes

Did you know? The 2016 NDFC Nationals will be held in Richmond, B.C.

In 2017, they move to Saint John, New Brunswick.

Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute news of any announcements or changes to tourney dates.

 Maximum Exposure

This is a record of all maximum 180s and 171s recorded by SDA players this season.

Congratulations to Eric Matheson and Bonnie Lapierre - they were the top maximum hitters for 2014-15.

Well done also to everyone who hit a 180 for the first time in competition - the first of many!

20 Eric Matheson 2 Dakota Roberts
16 Jason Skinner   Judy Cleaveley
11 Karsten Larsen   Carol Shepherd
8 Ashtin Bear    
7 Steve Kristjansson    
6 Jesee Gamble    
5 Curt Gamble    
5 Klyne Obey    
5 Danny Mckenzie    
4 John Brann    
3 Tim Beattie    
3 Wayne Hudson    
3 Chris Morgan    
2 Myles Charles    
2 Brian Humphreys    
2 Austin Morrison    
2 Darrin Rekve    
2 Shawn Solomon    
  Bill Binkley    
  Randy Boehm    
  Perry Burton    
  Ernie Charles    
  Wellesley Dashney    
  Brad December    
  Jim Dennis    
  Rick Hanson    
  Phil Harbin    
  Harold King    
  Iain Mackay    
  Mike McPhail    
  Alex Parnitsky    
  Roy Shortt    
  Larry Unrau    

Records on this site date back to the 2000-1 season. If you have earlier records and archives in your possession, please contact the SDA

© 2016 Saskatchewan Darts Association

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